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NHLers keep making an impact and the highlight reels in the KHL. Bruins captain Zdeno Chara has been a force to be reckoned with using his massive frame on opponents, he has 2 of the top 10 hits of the week. Redwing Pavel Datsyuk scored a beauty by dangling his way from centre ice to get the #1 goal of the week. Between the pipes we have Predator Pekka Rinne at #2, Curtis Sanford, #3 and Blue Jackets’ Sergei Bobrovsky with 2 of the top 10 saves of the week.

Check out this weeks TOP 10: Hits, Saves and Goals, highlights from the KHL.

KHL Top 10 Hits of the week – 11/05


KHL Top 10 Goals of the week – 11/05


KHL Top 10 Saves of the week – 11/05



Here are the Top 10 Hits, Saves and Goals from the KHL during the last week of October.

KHL TOP 10 Hits – 10/29


KHL TOP 10 Saves – 10/29


KHL TOP 10 Goals – 10/29


Watch Nicklas Backstrom score his first KHL goal, Ilya Kovalchuk continues to bury the puck and Pekka Rinne makes a mistake that costs his club a goal.

Nicklas Backstrom gets his first KHL goal


Ilya Kovalchuk scores against his former youth team the Moscow Spartak


Fail by Pekka Rinne costs him a goal against


Here are the latest updates from the KHL.

Daily KHL Update – Oct. 29, 2012


Daily KHL Update – Oct. 28, 2012


Watch all the best scoring actions, hottest saves, and biggest hits from around the KHL in September.

TOP 10 Hits in September


TOP 10 Saves in September


TOP 10 Goals in September


Check out the latest highlights from the KHL.

Daily KHL Update Oct 19, 2012


Daily KHL Update Oct 20, 2012


Daily KHL Update Oct 21, 2012


We’re all waiting to see what happens next between the NHL and NHLPA. Within the next seven to ten days we’ll have answer on if a full 82 game season will start on Nov 2nd. Until then, we’ll continue to bring you hockey highlights from the KHL and elsewhere in the world.

Here are the KHL Top 10 Saves of the week


Here are the KHL Top 10 Hits of the week


KHL Update for Oct 17, 2012


KHL Update for Oct 16, 2012


Here are this week’s top 10 goals from the KHL:


The Daily KHL Update:


An extra highlight:

Ovechkin one-times his 3rd goal for Dynamo this season:


KHL schedule was busy these last two days and here some highlights.

Daily KHL Update  – Oct 8, 2012


Daily KHL Update  – Oct 9, 2012


Datsyuk scores on a powerplay against SKA


Ovechkin shovels a backhand goal against Lev Praha


Kovalchuk ties the game against CSKA


Here’s an NHL Lockout update: they are still locked out.

That being said, from back in the former U.S.S.R we have the Kontinental Hockey League’s Top 10 Goals of the Week!

KHL Top 10 Goals of the Week 01/10


We would like to add this beauty where Tarasenko shows off his quick hands for his 4th goal in three KHL games.