Normally at this time of year we would be excited to see our teams and players prepare for another NHL season. Study some prospects and get ready to draft the best players for hockey pools. Lineup at box-office for tickets to the best rivalry games. But unfortunately, there’s another hockey lockout and who knows when hockey will return.

The team owners may be able to keep hockey out of the NHL arenas but that won’t stop us from bringing hockey back to North America. Our favorite players can now be found playing in the KHL, WHL, AHL, Swiss league or elsewhere around the globe.

So far, after a little online digging we found some great articles and clips and we will be sharing them here.

The best thing Datsyuk can do for CBA negotiations is continually remind everyone what the lockout robs from us: his wizardry.


Plekanec continued his strong play against a bunch of randoms in the Czech league vs. HC Sparta on Sunday, scoring two goals and adding an assist. He has seven points in three games, while Jagr — his teammate and owner — has four.


That #71 guy looks sick! Maybe one day he’ll play in the NHL. Geno in Beast Mode.


Rick Nash and Joe Thornton return to the line-up of HC Davos during the NHL Lockout.


NHL 13 – Hercules Check by Chara on Crosby!


NHLFM Commish loses his sh!t!